Whether we write for our own pleasure or for others, to be read on the page or to be spoken aloud, we want our writing to reflect our experience of the world. But our habitual thinking and the ways we tell these stories become a kind of spell of doing, of busy-ness; a spell that binds us, separates us from others, and limits our authentic expression. If we release this imprint of Doing, what might happen if we can rest in the stillness, silence and spaciousness of our Being? Can we rest in What Is, open and aware, without the effort of resisting, grasping or seeking to change our experience? In this two-day, small group workshop, you will learn practices that will help you bring open and kind attention to your habits of thought, expression, and story-making. This attention encourages curiosity and creativity, opening new ways of seeing yourself, seeing others, and seeing the world. You will learn specific contemplative practices relating to body, speech and mind, combined with targeted writing prompts designed to dislodge received patterns of language and thought, allowing something surprising to emerge. Whether you are a new or experienced meditator or a new or experienced writer, this workshop will introduce you to meditation and writing practices that can benefit your writing and your life. If desired, a private session during the following week may be booked with the instructor to discuss material created in the workshop or the practices, at a special rate of an additional $40 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes.

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