I’m a writer and theatermaker and educator and meditator. This website encompasses my creative, educational and meditative practices. The thread running through it all is the search for “a form that accommodates the mess,” as my beloved Samuel Beckett said. So welcome to the glorious mess that I am, that we are, that each creative project might become along the meandering road.

about me

I’ve always been interested in the space between. Even as a kid, I was enthralled to learn that everything is mostly space, from the space inside each atom to the space between galaxy clusters. And now, I’m all about the mycelium network that creates the macro-organisms we call forests. So although this “about me” box will link you to specific sections about my creative and meditation background, I encourage you to imagine that the expanse of space that links them together is what it’s really all about.


photo by William Thomas Cain

I’m a writer and director with over a hundred works of theatre, opera, radio, multimedia, puppetry, music theater, dance theater, and site-specific projects presented on five continents. In each project I create, I construct a relationship among the elements of language, sound and silence that guides the story and fosters alternatives to conventional narrative. Here are some images and words about past projects and works in progress.

Workshops and Classes

Class Offerings

I’ve taught writing and the creation of new work for over two decades at all kinds of places, including Towson University, where I was founding director of an MFA in Theatre Program focused on the creation of original experimental projects. I’ve been a Buddhist practitioner and meditator for over three decades, the past 20 years as a student of Dzogchen Master Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and am now an authorized presenter with The Three Doors, the international meditation organization he founded. Here’s where you’ll find info on upcoming workshops and classes in writing, creative practice, and meditation.

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Thoughts From a Wandering Mind

The word Meander comes from the name of a river in what is now Turkey, a river of many tributaries that twists and turns, wandering toward and away from the seas on its meandering journey. There’s also Mæander the river god, but I don’t know who came first, the god or the river.

I think of a meander as taking the scenic route. On family trips in the station wagon, the scenic routes were always a lot more fun than the highway. They often followed the windings of a river that invited a picnic, or revealed a mom and pop ice cream joint, or a pick-your-own farm stand, each of which were little trips of their own.

So it is with story, as far as I’m concerned.

This is where you’ll find my own written Meanders – modeled on those winding and forking and twisting paths. They will likely have some connection to writing or meditation or performance or music or creativity. But who knows where we might find ourselves.

MOst recent Meanders

Josepine Facehead Remembers James Sellars, 1940-2017

I recently learned that James Sellars died this past February. James was an incomparable composer, thinker and force of nature and I can’t quite imagine that he’s gone. James used to call me Josepine ( which he pronounced “who’s-a-peen”) Facehead, for reasons of his own. I think he meant it affectionately, but who knows.

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