We are storytelling beings. And while stories have meaning for us, they can also live in us as patterns that bind us, separate us, and limit our expression. As we recognize and loosen these patterns, spontaneous and transformative expressions emerge. In Freeing the Spell of Story programs, we will bring open, kind, and fierce attention to our habits of voice, of thought, of story-making. We will connect specific contemplative practices with writing prompts to evoke and loosen patterns and allow something surprising to emerge. Whether you are a new or experienced meditator or a new or experienced writer, these workshops and retreats will introduce you to meditation and writing practices that can help you break the spells that bind and free the voices that can benefit your writing and your life. In these programs you will be supported to: •Explore writing prompts that encourage the playful disruption of habits of writing and thinking •Allow the richness of your many voices to emerge •Discover a warm embracing refuge within you •Share in collective presence and curiosity •Receive downloadable resources and recordings of the writing prompts and guided meditations for ongoing daily support After the Workshop, Continue Your Practice: Monthly Writing Group Participants of any Freeing the Spell of Story program will also be invited to Turning In, Writing Out, a monthly hour of shared writing space. We begin each session with a short meditation, offer a writing prompt, and provide a warm community space in which to write. As a participant in the full-day retreat, you will be automatically added to an email list and you will receive an invitation to join each month.

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