Liminal Lounge



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Liminal Lounge: Description

Liminal Lounge is a radio/podcast project that writer Christina Nichols (Waiting for the Electricity) and I are currently developing for PranaSalon, a new radio station in India. Christina and I have been in an ongoing conversation about alternative approaches to narrative since we first met at an artist retreat in 2016. This radio show/podcast will explore the things we talk about all the time: the way you tell the story IS the story; how the sanity or sickness of any society is revealed in its approach to narrative; how the individualist hero narrative supports capitalism; what other writers are exploring these questions – whether in non-fiction, texts for performance or any other form of writing; and other fun topics! We have found that there are many more interesting and important things to write about than what somebody wants and whether they get it or not. We’re excited to invite other writers and artists into the conversation, and to share them with you. Currently in development…